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Symphony Services has helped companies create value across the entire spectrum of analytics – from simple report creation, to sophisticated, closed-loop, analytical decision-support solutions. With numerous awards and an impressive customer list, our success has been driven by our commitment to enabling insightful, fact-based and agile business processes that produce superior results. We offer analytic services for ISVs including software companies, web-based service providers and infomediaries as well for large enterprises.

a Cisco Company
"It is important for us to have a system and process in place that helps reduce the impact of demand volatility on the supply chain, while decreasing inventory and maintaining a high level of customer service. The combination of the people, process and technology improvements we made changed Linksys from being reactive, to much more proactive and efficient. FS&OP Manager is an integral part of this transformation because it provides us weekly forward-looking visibility of sales, production and inventory at any level of the product hierarchy in a single view. We are truly making decisions on a single version of the truth, and the results are powerful."

Mark Payne
Vice President, Worldwide Operations, Linksys.
Offerings for ISVs:
  • Analytic and Decision Support Solutions - A suite of services and solutions that includes cleansing and organizing data for analytic applications, developing analytic solution strategies, designing and building analytic applications, and operating analytic business processes for our clients to help them produce insights.
  • Analytics Technology R&D; - A suite of services to develop and extend fundamental analytics and business intelligence technology, including private label analytic platform development and custom-user experience development.
  • Report Factory - A service that develops, expands and/or maintains business intelligence reports and report libraries, based on client-selected technologies.
Aviat - formally Harris Stratex Networks
Aviat - formally Harris Stratex Networks
"Symphony Metreo has been a valuable partner for Harris Stratex. Their ability to quickly understand our business issues and respond with valuable solutions that balance People and Processes with Technology is truly innovative and effective."

Rob Preston
Chief Information Officer and Vice President, Information Technology Services.
Offerings for enterprises:
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