Retailers are constantly looking at technology and Business Intelligence and Analytics tools as the keys to create differentiation and increase competence. Store solutions such as Point of Sale, Mobile POS and Self Checkout are critical technologies that help retailers provide efficiency and competency in managing sales. Retailers are seeking to minimize set up cost and improve time-to-market both for technology and products. Similarly, current customers are forcing retailers to integrate multiple channels of retailing and become cross channel retailers and link all these on mobile retailing. These demands put enormous pressure on Retail solution providers to constantly innovate solutions for this industry as well as accelerate the entry of these solutions into the market.

Retail Technology Offerings

Symphony’s deep domain experience in the retail space coupled with product engineering capabilities enables us to develop high-quality products and solutions for Retail ISV clients whose products serve all areas of the retail value chain. We have established a balanced and verticalized mix of competencies suited for integrated end-to-end client business processes. Following is a snapshot of key offerings from Symphony for Retail ISVs:

Retail Value Chain Experience

The Symphony Differentiator
  • Higher product engineering capacity for same dollar, to free your core resources to focus on new product developments
  • Faster time to market for your product/solutions
  • Increased CSAT à Increased renewal rates
  • Achieve faster ROI through our Value Accelerators, along with our investment dollars and defer costs à Faster Savings

Symphony Value Accelerators Retail Value Accelerators
  • QA – SymAuto & SymSmartAuto frameworks
  • QA – SymEPMS, SymPSR
  • SymTea – Management by Facts
  • SymISP – Industrialized Platform for Product Life Cycle Mgmt
  • Enterprise Mobility – a platform for Mobile Enterprise
  • Retail Test Lab
  • Retail Scenario Library
  • POS Device Simulator Library
  • High productive Regression Automation Framework
  • Retail Analytics Framework & Report Library

Success Stories
  • A top-10 multi-channel retail solution provider saved over $35M in R&D; spend alone over a 6+ yrs of engagement. The client reduced the Cost of Quality by nearly 50%, while increasing QA Scope & increased test coverage. Received 110+ product features free of cost for their products and implemented them.
  • A top POS solution provider reduced their customer escalation by ~70% within 6 months of partnership with us. Symphony helped them in releasing the product ~4 months in advance along with reduced 3rd party dependency within 80% of the budget.
  • Built a comprehensive Regression suite by automating 10000+ test cases in 9 months with an ROI of 9 to 12 months along with nearly double test coverage.Built a comprehensive Regression suite by automating 10000+ test cases in 9 months with an ROI of 9 to 12 months along with nearly double test coverage.
  • Helped our partners to build a comprehensive Retail Test Lab wherein all their solutions can be completely tested (POS solutions to MCC solutions) at ~40% cost & at 50% original time. Symphony’s Retail Scenario Library helped in further reducing the test cycle time.
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