As the repositories of information that sustain institutions and enterprises, storage devices are at the center of modern network designs. High-speed access and high availability of stored data are now critical for both internal business operations and external e-commerce applications.

We know the data explosion, both online and offline, as well as the resulting opportunities and challenges. Gigabit networks, terabyte disk capacities, virtualization and clustering technologies, coupled with advances in data management and transport software, have ushered a new era of reliable, secure and easy-to-use systems. Enhanced storage systems, distributed data centers, and software to enhance classification, Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), and management of huge data repositories are driving new product innovations.

Globally, the storage industry is going through many changes due to these innovations, industry consolidation and the growing market demand in both developed and emerging markets. Consequently, the challenge for storage vendors is in terms of time to market, interoperability with other products in the market and conformance to various evolving standards. Symphony Services has evolved in-depth experience in meeting the challenges and demands of various data storage devices and systems.

Storage Solutions from Symphony Services

Storage is one of the strongest areas of domain expertise at Symphony Services. More than 25% of our clients are network storage companies, ranging from large public companies such as BMC and Network Appliance to smaller start ups such as Intransa and Mimosa Systems. The Storage & Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) Practice is 750+ people strong.

Leveraging on our extensive domain and technical expertise which is backed by proven delivery model, Symphony Services partners with leading storage vendors in developing and sustaining data-center class, storage products and solutions - from architecture, design, and development of storage products, sustenance engineering of enterprise storage products, to solutions that help storage products achieve SMI-S compliance.

Storage Domain Strengths

Symphony has ready to use storage software components that may be used to cut down cycle time in development of new storage management and storage networking software solutions. We also offer highly customized outsourced software development services in all areas like File System, Replication, De-duplication, Data Protection, Email Archival, Clustering and Application Recovery-Discovery and Content Indexing, Storage.

Below is a snapshot of Symphony’s Storage domain experience across domain, technology and product lifecycle.

Storage Expertise Accross Domain
Why Symphony?

The Symphony differentiator is evident from the fact that we are working with 8 of the top 10 product leaders in the Storage space. With a highly skilled and experienced technical team of 400+ engineers, we have offered significant benefits to our clients including:

  • Reduction in product development and R&D; cost by ~30%
  • Minimized IT management cost by savings approximately 30-35% testing efforts
  • Shortened product's time to market by as much as 30% resulting in earlier financial realization & competitive advantage
  • More focus on core business areas as Symphony plays a role of visionary to respond quickly to changes in product and market trends
  • Achieved Higher ROI by leveraging engineering experts with 'Product Mind Set' having right technology skills & business domain knowledge
  • Assurance of outcome certainty from their engineering organizations and deliver market-leading products to drive their success
Partner with Symphony

Symphony’s long-standing experience with most of the leading Storage superpowers is testimony to its proficiency in leveraging deep domain knowledge, technical competencies, mature processes and flexible engagement models to deliver hi-tech solutions and services to clients across the Storage, Networks & Computing value chain. If you would like to talk about this further, please contact us at [email protected].

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