Platform Modernization

Product companies are always looking for ways to improve the performance and user experience of their products and reduce cost of maintenance. Often, these products are constrained by legacy technologies that were designed for the earlier scenarios as opposed to the current requirements. . However ever changing economic conditions frequently compel customer’s business processes to change as a result of which underlying technology fail to meet these expectations. Technology also influences substantially on ways to add new features and functionalities,Stretch productive life of legacy products and Compliance with among others, the US Federal and State standards such as SOX, SEC 17a4 etc.

At the same time, companies are saddled with costs that include: Code maintenance costs of legacy systems- redundancy in systems, applications, data and reporting (10% or more).

Symphony’s Platform Modernization Services

At Symphony, we believe that technology changes in products are driven by compelling business reasons to do so.

Symphony’s Platform Migration Service offering provides development and related services for migrating product platforms with advanced versions along with assured customer benefits upfront. These bring quantifiable business benefits and services are designed to achieve the required business goals. For example, our Microsoft .NET framework migration services bring up-to 40% improvement in performance, up to 70% cost savings and 30% improvements in user experience factors.

We employ best practices, vast knowledge base, and solution accelerators to ensure best benefits from migration, faster time to market, and reduced costs for customers.

The migration methodology ensures that:
  • An assessment is carried out to estimate and assure the benefits of the proposed migration. The Migration Benefit Assessor Studio with 350+ knowledge base rules helps get an accurate and speedy estimate
  • Symphony Migration Benefit Assessor accelerates migration from lower to higher versions of the .NET framework and provides benefits in terms of Stability, Agility and User experience
  • Maximize automation by employing world class open source and commercial tools
  • Highest levels of predictability on compatibilities and knowledge base that brings laser focus on cost control
The assured outcomes include:
  • Hassle free and smooth migration to newer platforms
  • Increased competitive edge by improving product user experience or performance
  • Improved Integration and Interoperability for customer products
  • Improved product security and infrastructure, which reduces cost of maintenance and
  • Reduced cost of migration
Symphony‘s Value Focused Methodology
  Challenges Symphony Offering Features
Performance, Scalability and Reliability
  • Improving performance and effective time saving in administration
  • Measuring business process efficiency with information analytics and dashboards
  • Merging the functionalities of multiple applications that perform comparable business functions
  • Incorporating a flexible IT structure that can counter the changing market needs
  • SOA solutions increases organization’s flexibility, responsiveness, and reutilize key application components across the organization
  • Toolset to analyze code for identifying performance issues and ensure adherence to PSR goals of the application
  • SQL profilers to analyze database performance issues
  • Ready to use migration effort estimation template including breaking changes and obsolete methods based on benchmarks
  • Templates that focus on more than 40 different technical areas
  • SOA solutions increases organization’s flexibility, responsiveness, and reutilize key application components across the organizationOur tools improve productivity on test case design by 25%, execution productivity by 10%, review efficiency by 50%, reduces test reporting effort by 80%, and test cycle time by 25%
  • Following Agile and SOA approach for reusing the components
  • Incorporating an appropriate model that provides outcome certainties and backed by SLAs
User Experience
  • Improving the user experience and value addition to the system
  • Support of rich media, data visualization, complex text content and dynamic interactive experiences
  • Single re-deployable & re-usable solution and user interface artifacts across different clients
  • Benchmarking by defining navigation models, creating page schematics / wireframes and tasks flows, and Branding & Visual Representation
  • Providing a unified solution across the suite for a seamless User experience as traversed through the different applications
  • Interactive dashboard development using Silverlight, Web 2.0 and AJAX technologies
Cost of Maintenance
  • Reducing the high cost of upgrading and maintaining legacy systems
  • Our solution accelerators and support tools guarantee high quality results at reduced cost and time-to-market benefitting from ready to use knowledge base
  • Ready to use templates for information gathering and effort estimation helps reduce substantial risks in budget overruns, automated tools save up to 30%-50% maintenance cost
  • Minimal total application rewrite by automating up to 70%
  • Interactive dashboard development using Silverlight, Web 2.0 and AJAX technologies


The Symphony Migration Benefits Assessor (SyMBA) is a workbench that performs migration assessment of source code by performing static code analysis that target lower versions of the .NET Framework and provides recommendations to migrate to higher versions of .NET Framework. Embracing technologies to enable modernization, SyMBA identifies the key migration points. Tool helps in assessment of benefits coming from migration in terms of performance, stability, agility and user experience areas. SyMBA runs on extensible and flexible rules-based engine and enables developers to understand the source code characteristics in relation to migration. SyMBA encompasses several key technologies and tools that will work in a collaborative manner to reach the objective of enhanced value, quicker time to market, engineering excellence, productivity, improve in performance, scalability, user experience and quality. The product can be made a simpler one to enable faster new feature development thereby reducing maintenance cost.

The broad focus would be on improving:
  • Performance, Scalability and Reliability
  • Agility, Adding features quickly which enables customer to quicker time to market
  • Knowledge acquisition with different metrics and data – know the source code more
  • User experience by knowing different elements of UI enhancements
  • Predictable cost and effort
  • Early risk Identification
  • Better decision support
  • Control over decision making
The salient features of the workbench are as stated below:
  • Identifies performance issues, existing data structures of the currently used types and recommend new types
  • Identifies key design flaws in code in relation to exception management, separation of code into layers, OOPS best practices deviations
  • Provide high level effort for the recommendations identified
  • Provide Heatmaps for a variety of parameters such as Lines of code and Cyclomatic Complexity at method level. Heatmaps visually depict information by representing the information in a gradation of colors.
  • Side by side comparison of migration candidate code modules with complexity of the code
  • Automated detection of migration candidate ensures no manual errors
  • Generate work backlog items for the recommendation with estimation
  • Provide verbose CSV reports of the migration assessment
  • Folder Analysis assists for projects including those which are not in MS.NET
  • Enables developers to understand the source code characteristics
  • Analyzes folders and shows different metrics and different technologies usages
  • In-built parser to parse .NET languages such as C# and Visual Basic .NET using 350+ rules having knowledge on all the versions reduces minimum of $1M cost. The core SyMBA framework has the ability to load XML Rules or rules authored in any .NET language. (Examples being C#, VB.NET, C++/CLI)
SyMBA Business Benefits
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