Connected Health
Connected Health

The convergence of Internet, connected technologies and mobile media has created a new dynamic between healthcare providers and their customers. There is a huge growth in the support and use of connected health programs, devices and sensors to help improve health and wellness, and engage patients and providers, while better utilizing healthcare resources.

This presents an opportunity for a host of new products and vendors who can support these ecosystems via innovative connected solutions. This can lead to improved benefits for the end customer in the form of improved healthcare, reduced costs and more real-time information related to their health and wellness. The industry is approaching this in two ways. One is to find ways to consult the patient without patient requiring to go to the doctor or a medical professional – a la Tele healthcare, Mobile Healthcare, remote healthcare! Second and equally important element is trying to reduce the “curative” intervention by directing more tools and technologies in preventive healthcare and self-management of medical conditions.

Symphony’s Connected Health Solution

Symphony Services provides important services to product development companies looking at taking cognizance of this trend shift and helping them realize their products to market much more quickly than otherwise. Symphony delivers an end-to-end solution from client development to sensor design, network architecture and backend design, application development and finally the complete management of the whole solution. Symphony brings to the table unmatched capability in connected healthcare product development services, and offers,

  • End-to-end medical diagnostic device development : Symphony delivers deep competencies in embedded systems and real time software, most crucial from a technology and product development perspective in this area. Symphony helps with end-to-end solution development – from ideation, hardware, firmware and application development to web portal design and management.
  • Compliance support : Symphony understands the underlying aspect of regulatory environment, compliance standards for processes and artifacts – such as ISO 13485, 510K documentation, 21 CFR 11, ISO 62304, HL7, HIPPA and other electronics compliance standards such as CE, EMI/EMC etc.
  • SmartVitalsTM : Symphony has developed SmartVitals, a pre-packaged health system that is built for in-Hospital Patient monitoring using a special algorithm providing early warning to help avoid emergency as well as help in better management of ICU and other ward resources. This is very valuable in creating various monitoring products for in hospital use. ISVs selling their software products in Hospitals will have an immense benefit by starting with SmartVitals to realize the end product in 50% of the time.
  • Connectivity architecture : Symphony has developed open connectivity architecture to help medical and fitness devices communicate on wireless protocols. The architecture offers flexibility in your choice of protocols on either side such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wifi etc.
  • Mobility enablement services : Mobile applications offer tremendous potential to healthcare entities to access real-time information, improve the quality, and lower the cost, of healthcare. Symphony helps build mobility solutions for personal care helping consumers and medical professionals connect to point of care and patient information respectively, via these devices.
Health Management

All these services are based on the core model of Outcome CertaintyTM, which is about getting the results you require to meet your business objectives. It’s about achieving goals, driving innovation and bringing predictability to costs, schedules and quality of the outsourced software product engineering process. Symphony Services ensures that leading technology companies maximize the ROI from their engineering investments and deliver market-leading products to drive their success.

The Benefits of Symphony connected health solution

Symphony collaborates with its clients to implement or expand the use of connected health solutions, which can result in several important benefits:

  • Increase pace of innovation - Deliver new innovations to market faster by reducing the time to market in your development lifecycle by up to 30% via agile methodologies and consistent release processes. This accelerates the return on investment on new product development. Symphony’s pre-packaged solution accelerators can cut down time to market substantially over 50% in cases;
  • Capitalize on new markets - Deliver innovative connected health solutions to the market, like Personal Health Management, Patient Monitoring etc., that help deliver improved health and wellness;
  • Enrich user experience and increase customer satisfaction - Improve usability and performance of your product and increase customer acceptance levels and satisfaction by performing early-stage and automated quality checks;
  • Leverage best practices and latest tools - Deliver high quality solutions leading to further savings of 25-30% by leveraging best practices around planning, estimation, metrics collection and process improvement;
  • Increase revenue and profits - Accelerate the go-to-market by delivering a cost-optimized fully compliant end-to-end solution from a single vendor, increasing the overall revenue in the process.
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