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Global financial institutions face an increasingly complex market. They must manage spiraling customer expectations, meet regulatory demands, develop new products and contain operating costs in an environment of stiff competition. Confronted with the necessity to change, particularly in the aftermath of recession, financial institutions are now facing a new reality: after years of maintaining core platforms based on legacy technologies, they must now re-examine their technology strategy and road map. In fact, Forrester Research suggests that over the next 3 to 5 years almost 65 per cent of core banking systems in Europe alone will need to be replaced. Banks are now looking for financial technology and tools that will enable them to stay abreast of compliance, manage risk, display transparency, respond with agility to market changes and customize products even as they safeguard existing investments, lower their TCO and maintain profitability. From a macro-perspective, financial institutions are moving to shed the transactional orientation of the past and focusing on improving efficiency and customer orientation of their operations.

ISVs in the financial services space have always turned to Symphony Services for its industry insight and cutting-edge technology experience. With over 300 skilled professionals working across banking engagements, Symphony Services has been able to cement its position as a strategic development partner and growth engine for its clients.

Offerings from Symphony Services

Our core offerings in the Financial Services space include:

  • Product Quality Management
    • Enterprise QA
    • QA Automation
    • R&D; Effectiveness
  • Software Lifecycle Management
  • Platform Integration
    • Leveraging open source tools/ platforms
    • ALM Platform development, implementation and support
  • Platform Modernization
  • UI Modernization
  • Dev Partnership
  • Analytics
Our accelerators in the Financial Services space include:
  • Test Scenario Library for payments platform
  • Platform Integration with Open Source tools
  • SPARTA Test Automation framework for trading platforms
  • ALM platform development, implementation and support
Symphony’s Financial Services Value Chain experience
Financial Services Value Chain Experience

Symphony Banking and Financial Services Snapshot
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