Architecture Design

Software product architecture and design are integral to our full PDLC capability. From reverse engineering a 25-year-old COBOL application with no documentation, to brand new development using the latest .NET or J2EE technologies, Symphony staffs database and software architects as part of the Global Operating Centers we build for our clients. The architecture and design work we do is specific to the needs of software companies vs. IT projects: the designs and architecture we create must be extensible, maintainable, adaptable to change, portable to different environments, and have a rich ability to interface with 3rd party products.

"Our multi-national architectural group meets weekly and is focused on making a better product. The team we have in Bangalore with Symphony is not extra help. They are a vital part of our overall team. We've turned over almost everything about our most important products. We are leveraging engineering talent and treating them as equals in full cooperation and collaboration. We have been very pleased."

Ed Spire
Senior Director, Technology and Architecture, Attachmate / NetIQ

Symphony architects can help with the following activities:

  • SOA: Service-0rientation is more than just architecture. It’s a way of delivering value for an organization. Symphony starts with an assessment process and combines the results with Symphony’s SOA Maturity Model and SOA Reference Architecture to take your product forward.
  • SaaS: Choosing the right SaaS architecture is critical to the success of your company. There are many technical and architectural challenges that must be addressed up front to ensure you deliver the performance, scalability, reliability and recoverability benchmarks to meet customer requirements.
  • Platform Modernization: Revitalize older applications based on midrange or mainframe systems to modern platforms like Java or Microsoft’s .NET to add new functionality and improve integration.
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