Product Management

Succeeding in the software business means responding to customer needs and envisioning next-generation products. Symphony Services helps clients define innovative product features and functionality that satisfy evolving market demands, enabling clients to launch compelling products ahead of their competition. As part of our complete PDLC offering, Symphony can take on end-end responsibility for the Product Management function:

  • Getting wide-ranging customer feedback
  • Market & competitive analysis
  • Managing release cycles
  • Prioritization of point and major release functionality
  • Working with our client's Product Marketing teams

In order to assume this responsibility we staff Product Management and Business Analysts as an integral part of the dedicated Global Operations Centers we build for our clients. These individuals are charged with taking high-level requirements, fleshing out the details, and creating specifications. Product Management personnel at Symphony Services have the requisite domain expertise to help the development team understand how the product being developed will be used by end-users.

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