E-Commerce and E-Marketing

The Internet has forever altered the way that people purchase goods and services. It has also changed the way that retailers/e-tailers engage with their customers before, during and after their shopping experience in completed.

Symphony Services has a depth of experience working with leading E-Commerce and E-Marketing firms to address some of the important issues facing your business:

  • Transaction Security: First and foremost your customers want to know that their personal information, and particularly their credit card information, is safe. Symphony’s Security & Vulnerability testing services will help ensure that your site – and your clients’ personal information is safe from hackers and other bad guys. And our PCI-DSS certification testing will ensure that their transactions are secure
  • Improving the Buying Experience: Improving the usability of the site significantly impacts the likelihood of a customer completing a transaction. A better user interface isn’t just incorporating RIA technologies but requires an understanding of the buying process. Symphony Services’ User Experience team will help optimize the design and usability of your online presence to increase sales.
  • Understanding Your Customers: There is a treasure trove of information about your customers that reside in the clickstream. Symphony’s retail analytics expertise can help you build better intelligence into your site, helping to match products and services with your customers and increasing both the average sale per visit and frequency of purchase.
  • Engaging Customers in Dialogue: Symphony Services has expertise in integrating social media technologies like blogs, RSS and community portals to help promote an effective multi-channel dialogue with and between your customers. Our Customer Support services can also improve your customers’ experience.
  • Improving the Website Performance, Scalability, Reliability and Availability: Of course nothing sinks a retail site like poor performance or the inability to scale to meet demand at peak loads. Symphony’s PSRA Assessment helps identify weaknesses in your systems architecture and make recommendations to remediate those issues – before your clients do.
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