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Symphony helps organizations meet their corporate goals with enterprise revenue and operations management solutions. Symphony solutions bring together the functional areas of the business creating balance, and providing the foundation to empower the organization to make the time-critical, high-value decisions that turn corporate goals into reality.

Symphony Revenue Management Solutions:

The economy is beginning to improve, but that doesn’t mean success will be easier. New competitive rules are here to stay: customers are better informed and more demanding, pricing is more competitive, and many products have become commoditized. These external issues combined with a common disconnect between the financial planning targets set by the organization, and the price plan required to achieve them create serious challenges to overcome.

Symphony provides solutions to these critical issues with a comprehensive pricing suite covering all your pricing needs from price planning and analysis to price setting and deal execution. MetreoEPS has helped leading corporations maximize revenue and margin while continuing to keep connected with the goals of the business

Symphony Operations Management Solutions:

Aligning cross functional business areas and working to keep supply and demand “in balance” can be a daunting task in today’s complex global environment. Managing constantly fluctuating demand without crippling your supply chain is the challenge facing most organizations today. Trying to stay ahead of the curve to become proactive versus reactive is imperative to drive supply chain performance improvements to meet customer expectations in the most cost effective manner.

Symphony Operations Management Solutions give global companies the ability to synchronize and align operational plans, enabling planners and business executives to quickly identify changes in market realities, make fact-based adjustments and tradeoffs, and drive forward execution to hit the numbers.

SymphonyRPM Performance Management Platform:

The SymphonyRPM platform provides unique capabilities for rapid performance management and decision processing, including real-time visibility into expected business performance, probing root cause and what-if analysis. Workflow capabilities help to automate the end-to-end process for fast execution. Whether you are a company looking to provide additional value to your customers or simply want to improve your own internal business performance, building performance management solutions with SymphonyRPM is the right choice.

SymphonyRPM-based solutions enable managers at all levels of the company to make faster and higher-quality decisions. In contrast to traditional analytic approaches – SymphonyRPM-based solutions are focused on predictive, forward-looking analysis and planning, rather than just reporting historical data.

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