Analytics for ISVs
Analytic and Decision Support Solutions for ISVs
Organizations understand that the content produced or managed by their products and services represents a large opportunity to provide value to their customers and grow their businesses. The path to realizing that value, however, can be very complex. Symphony’s services are based on a rich heritage of success in analytics, represented in the experience of our teams and the IP we bring to our engagements.
Software companies, web-centric businesses and infomediaries derive the following types of value from our services:
  • Time to value of 3-6 months versus 12-18 months internally
  • Lower solution costs and reduced risks from Symphony’s Outcome Certainty approach
  • Business viability from analytic offerings from engineering scalability, flexibility and operating efficiencies up front
  • Higher end user satisfaction
Our service offerings include:
  • Data Organization and Cleansing Services - Getting content or data appropriately organized for analysis, insight production and driving business processes is no small task, and it often stands in the way of a successful analytics program. From cleansing master data and instituting processes to maintain it over time, to cross correlating your web traffic and operational data to gain new insights, we have the skills and bandwidth to help you overcome any data obstacles. We can also help architect your data infrastructure to meet your operational and business objectives.
  • Analytic Solution Engineering - From developing analytic strategies and rapid solution prototyping, to detailed solution design and development, Symphony Services can be your indispensible partner in getting analytic solutions to market quickly and driving tremendous value. We understand the subtle differences between design and development of transaction applications and analytic solutions. The former are driven by exacting specifications; the later by need for rapid gaining insights. These solutions are fluid by nature and require delivery models that blend the best of onsite collaboration and global cost management. Their QA processes are driven by end user effectiveness, blended carefully with traditional underlying QA processes.
  • We also support the full range of delivery models from the latest cloud based approach to traditional enterprise software implementation.
  • We also support the full range of delivery models from the latest cloud based approach to traditional enterprise software implementation.
Analytic Technology R&D;
Symphony Services has helped build the underlying analytics engines for the likes of Siebel, Hyperion, Manugistics, VerticalNet and IRI, and Symphony Metreo.
In addition, our own award winning SymphonyRPM Platform has achieved the highest rankings among industry experts in Performance Management by bringing together the best of business intelligence, predictive analytics and planning capabilities into an integrated and scalable platform. Our platform provides unmatched capabilities for rapid development of new analytic solutions that support superior business decisions. It is capable of handling even the largest database and can rapidly integrate data from multiple data sources to support a single analytic result. SymphonyRPM can incorporate formulas, models and analytics created in tools such as SAS, Gaus, or other analytic engines. Furthermore, SymphonyRPM can feed a wide variety of ‘front end’ tools, so you can retain the user views your company is used to, including dashboards, other visualization tools and even Excel.
SymphonyRPM can be private labeled, and we can develop outstanding user experiences that seamlessly match your underlying applications, often with lower costs than other alternatives.
Report Factory
When Symphony builds software, we develop intimate knowledge of your data structures, release processes and QA requirements. Leveraging that knowledge by having us build the reports that your applications produce and manage can make a lot of sense - economically and from a service standpoint. We ensure that your report library is up to date, that it works across releases and can also build specific reports for your end users allowing you to clear what might be a backlog of requests. If you have your own technology or have selected an external package, we can support your choices. If you need technology, the Symphony Platform is available for you. Even if we're not yet building applications for you, the Report Factory is a great place to start becoming familiar with our award winning services.
Report Factory

  • Native Reports are built within the core application
  • Packaged Reports leverage external technologies (Symphony, Business Objects, etc.)
  • For either type, we can
    • Maintain report libraries across releases
    • Extend and enhance report libraries
    • Design and develop reporting strategies and report libraries
    • Build and Maintain end user specific reports for our clients or their customers
    • Implement and / or develop charting and grid packages
    • Implement and / or develop integration technologies
    • Develop reporting technologies
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