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Maintenance and Support

ISVs are under constant pressure to deliver new and innovative products to the market that drive both top and bottom line. At the same time their existing customers are expecting improved product quality, quicker defect resolution and an enhanced customer experience. Traditional approaches to maintenance and support typically just focus on cost reduction, with an SLA-based solution designed for faster ticket resolution and lower overall expenses associated with maintenance. This approach addresses the symptom but not the actual cause of the problem.

According to industry researcher Gartner, 85 – 90% of all product support models are reactive, 10 – 15% are proactive.

Symphony Services offers a contemporary solution to the long standing challenges of maintenance and support, delivering an automated solution that delivers proactive issue resolution and predictable maintenance and support costs. This approach ensures that our clients meet their innovation goals and improve customer satisfaction while constantly reducing year over year costs.

Symphony’s Maintenance and Support Solution

Symphony’s solution delivers proactive resolution and predictive maintenance to ISVs helping them deliver outcomes tied to the business drivers of their clients. This enables clients to increase investments in new product innovation while driving down maintenance and support costs year over year. The comprehensive solution comprises of:

  • End to end product support (L1, L2) and defect fix and maintenance services (L3) aided by the use of,
    • Pre-packaged Domain-optimized Frameworks – Symphony’s offers domain-optimized frameworks and systems giving ISVs a jump-start in their product engineering and maintenance and support efforts – reducing cost, complexity and time to market.
    • SymPIF (Product Intelligence Framework) – This is a suite of non-disruptive processes, people and tools that is a scientific approach to rapid Product Knowledge Acquisition & Management, guarantees high levels of product maintainability and facilitates rapid collaboration in a distributed environment, leading to high cost savings and improved productivity.
    • SymISP (Integrated Solution Platform) – This provides an integrated end-to-end platform that manages the entire lifecycle of software products by bringing together methodologies like Agile and waterfall, with Symphony best practices and open source code management tools to deliver end to end traceability, visibility and predictability. This results in much higher efficiency increasing productivity by up to 20% and delivering up to 40% savings on project management costs. This is also available as a hosted offering.
    • Predictive analytics – This delivers real-time corrective/ preventative analysis and reporting based on our RPM analytics engine, helping with root cause analysis (e.g. usability problems for quick results), forecast inflow of issues to assist with resource planning and overall improve the process effectiveness.
Maintenance and Support

All these services are based on the core model of Outcome CertaintyTM, which is about getting the results you require to meet your business objectives. It’s about achieving goals, driving innovation and bringing predictability to costs, schedules and quality of the outsourced software product engineering process. Symphony Services ensures that leading technology companies maximize the ROI from their engineering investments and deliver market-leading products to drive their success.
The Benefits of the Symphony Maintenance and Support Solution

Symphony’s solution delivers an automated and proactive framework to product maintenance and support bringing predictability to the overall process, resulting in the following benefits:

  • Lower maintenance and support costs year-over-year by reducing support tickets via the analytics factor by providing proactive and predictive fact-based decision making to reduce support tickets over time;
  • Extend the life of the product by continuously improving the product maintainability thereby reducing the maintenance and support costs associated with bug fixes, knowledge transfers and more;
  • Drive consistent renewals on maintenance & support licenses through improved customer satisfaction by delivering high quality products within committed timelines consistently helping improve the overall customer experience;
  • Further increase investments in new products by reducing the costs related to maintenance and support year over year;
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