Enterprise Mobility Solution

Mobility provides a rare business opportunity to ISVs to gain a true competitive edge while improving productivity and communication across their customers. It’s not merely about creating a mobile app cheaply and getting it quickly out the door. Enterprise Mobility is directly about embracing true state of the art technology change in how organizations conduct business – from the top of the company to its bottom.

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"Symphony Services has been a key contributor in our success. They've provided strategic technology solutions for our international platform and have been proactive and responsive partners for us. The Symphony team has consistently exceeded our expectations and delivered excellent results."

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Increasingly, ISVs are turning to Symphony Services, a specialist in enterprise mobility. Symphony’s Enterprise Mobility solution was architected specifically to help software makers reduce the time, cost and complexity of mobilizing software, while delivering an exceptional user experience. Now, for the first time, software manufactures can get assistance in each phase of the mobilization process, including strategy and design, back office integration, development and testing, and ongoing operations and optimization initiatives.

Symphony’s Enterprise Mobility Solution: Industry’s First End to End Solution

Symphony delivers end-to-end mobile enablement for ISVs and enterprises alike via its comprehensive 4 step approach,

  • Multi-tiered, 360° strategy and design service - Leveraging a rich history working with leading software providers and benefiting from extensive mobility engagements, Symphony’s specialists work with clients to develop a detailed, tailored mobility strategy. Recommendations are available across all aspects of the enterprise mobility ecosystem, from UIs and devices to visualization service, corporate systems and processes. As a part of the service Symphony also delivers rapid iterative prototyping to ensure a rich, simple-to-use end user experience.
  • SymMobTM enterprise mobility framework - Symphony has developed a set of software and services around its SymMob enterprise mobility framework to rapidly enhance and enable existing product lines and associated corporate systems in a non-disruptive manner for supporting mobile architectures. It provides an intuitive mechanism to specify business objects, their mappings, response generation and in the process dynamically generates RESTful Services that can be used by mobile end-points. This unique approach simplifies critical mobility challenges including device / application security, CRM enhancements and performance limitations due to data bandwidth requirements, quickly adapting clients existing systems to the quickly evolving mobile ecosystem.
  • Cross-platform development and certification – Symphony delivers mobile application development and testing services via its platform / device-agnostic approach to mobile application engineering, resulting in highly innovative and strongly differentiated solutions that ISVs can immediately deploy. A “Build Once – Deploy Many” approach via a library of pre-built mobile device templates enables rich, seamless cross-platform end-user experiences while reducing overall costs. The company’s innovative test automation framework and use of independent test labs ensure platform certification across all leading operating systems, including iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. Symphony’s mobility experts are also well versed with the latest UI design methodologies, mobile architectures and APIs across technologies like HTML5, REST, JSON and more.
  • End-to-end mobility management – Symphony provides ongoing application and device management services via a SaaS model to fully manage mobile applications and devices and the related corporate systems. Enterprise customers and ISVs benefit from services like full configuration management, application and device management, policy management, security management as well as inventory and license management — relieving corporate IT and network managers to focus on other critical enterprise requirements.
Enterprise Mobility

The Benefits of the Symphony Mobility Solution

Symphonycollaborates with you to implementor expand the use of mobile applications and platforms,which can result in several important benefits for your customers:

  • Enter new markets with SaaS and mobility solutions – Leverage the ability to deliver SaaS and mobile solutions enabling you to sell in to new markets that have been hard to penetrate in the past as well as gain a stronger foothold in existing markets.
  • Accelerate time to market for mobile applications – Develop mobile applications that work cross-platform (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Blackberry) and device thereby accelerating the time to market by 30%.
  • Deliver rich cross-platform user experiences - Deliver a consistent and rich user experience and increase customer satisfaction by performing early-stage and automated quality checks across all platforms, networks and geographies.
  • Increase revenue and profits – Accelerate the go-to-market with maximum coverage across a wide variety of platforms and applications, increasing the overall revenue in the process.

All these services are based on the core model of Outcome CertaintyTM, which is about getting the results you require to meet your business objectives. It’s about achieving goals, driving innovation and bringing predictability to costs, schedules and quality of the outsourced software product engineering process. Symphony Services ensures that leading technology companies maximize the ROI from their engineering investments and deliver market-leading products to drive their success.

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