Consumer Electronics

The Consumer Electronics Association reports that in 2009 the global electronics market was worth US $350 billion, and forecasts that it will grow at a CAGR of around 5% from 2009-2012. With that growth, the market will also see a shift in scope, to include the third generation of convergence in user experience and entertainment. This move will demand interoperable, collaborative and feature-rich development of embedded systems.

This phenomenal growth is fueled by the need to quickly respond to greater expectations of features, as well as applications that require greater innovation in semiconductors, with feature-rich and more powerful multi-core processors. Additionally, open frameworks are required for faster morphing of applications to address these compressed timeframes.

Product Migration Services for Consumer Devices / Electronics

Symphony Services delivers an array of solutions across the PDLC and enables you to drive better customer experience at lower costs. We leverage our strong domain knowledge, technological capabilities and proven processes to help you achieve these, while also ensuring regulatory compliance.

One of Symphony Services key offerings is Product Migration.

Drive Revenue By:
  • Migrating products through upfront system / application analysis of:
    • All pervasive Android/e-Linux platforms, Proprietary iPhone/Blackberry or Symbian platforms
    • Set-top boxes for migration to e-Linux and to open platforms – Flash, GoogleTV
    • Integration of TV with mobile and hand-held devices
    • Integration of Internet Applications with devices like TV & STB
    • “Connected Home” Applications
  • Symphony Services taking over product enhancement, sustenance and technical support
    • In a business model committed to SLAs, in a outcome-driven or revenue-share model
  • Symphony Services owns the entire QA cycle with its productivity enhancer tools
    • QA Automation, Performance Testing, Integrated Test Suites with report generators
Faster Platform Migration & Time-To-Market By:
  • Leveraging SOC Platforms of TI (OMAP, DaVinci), Intel ATOM, Marvel
    • Rapid Prototype the concept and evolve to factory-ready model
  • Leverage Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Symbian credentials
    • Rapid Prototype on Symphony Services invested platforms
  • Leverage years of experience in developing devices like Set-Top Boxes, Connected PMPs, mobile devices and associate connectivity protocols.
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