About Us - Facilities
Global Delivery Infrastructure

Symphony Services operates global delivery centers in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, India and Beijing and Shanghai, China. Our facilities have state-of-the-art physical and information technology security systems as well as advanced communications infrastructure to enable the delivery of high-end, product engineering work for clients.

Symphony's ISO 27001:2005 certification ensures protection of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information for business partners and clients of Symphony Services. This certification promotes internationally recognized principles governing security and network systems.
The ISO 27001 international standard setting organization certified Symphony Services' Information Security Management System (ISMS) across security policies and procedures; asset classification and controls; personnel security; physical and environmental security; communications and operations management; systems development and maintenance; business continuity management; and compliance.

We continue to make significant investments in commercial-grade hardware, software and contemporary technologies in the areas of enterprise networking, office productivity, software engineering, operating systems/databases, distributed project management, modeling and animation. Symphony Services also provides customized connectivity options for clients - VPN or point-to-point link. A dedicated, secure link to each client Global Operating Center ensures high bandwidth and network management.

Symphony Services in China

Extending its global footprint to China reflects Symphony Services’ focus on being a front-runner and capturing the market opportunity in the APAC region. With a market size equivalent to $2 billion, China provides an irresistible opportunity for an industry-leading product engineering services provider like Symphony Services.

Making a determined thrust in that direction, Symphony Services’ China offices are based out of Shanghai, the business nerve center in China. Our China center is an advanced development center with the latest Cisco-based infrastructure, secure facilities with badge and biometric entry systems and in-house training facility. With a solid client base, English-speaking western corporate culture, Chinese-national professionals on the rolls , excellent support staff enabling accelerated hiring and assimilation, and strong ties with Symphony’s global offices to leverage best practices and tools, Symphony-China is well-positioned to embrace the market growth and prove the flag bearer of the OPD brand in China.

Symphony’s commitment to the city of Shanghai and to China is long-term and it solicits the crème de la crème from the large Chinese talent pool to fulfill its promise of ‘first class products and services’ to its clients.

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