User Experience

Technology powers most businesses today. ISVs depend on innovative user experience to gain competitive advantage in the market and drive profitability. A key factor to a software product's success is ensuring the purpose of the application to its targeted users or in other words “usability”.

Symphony Services UX/Usability Solution Accelerators
Symphony helps ISVs to accelerate returns from their investment on the UX/Usability front through
  • Innovation: by using ready-to-go digital assets – real estate templates, controls, icons and graphics library, navigation, error handling techniques and tips - driven by Symphony’s collective experience of working with 150+ leading ISVs around the globe.
  • Industrialization: by optimal resource utilization via factory based automated process methodology that has well-defined roles, responsibilities and deliverables matrix for every level of the UX/Usability team.
  • Intellect: Our highly skilled and experienced talent pool brings domain expertise, and creativity that fuels innovation.
Symphony Approach

At Symphony, we realize that the keys to success, in the ISV context, lie in the domain appropriate business functionality delivered and equally importantly in the technology selection. With this in mind, Symphony follows a Simulation-based approach to help transform product ideas to reality. The Simulation process allows potential users have almost real-life experience of the intended software product and facilitates early and rich feedback on all aspects of the usability design. The rich exposure and unique approach make Symphony the preferred partner for usability evaluation/design for software products across all stages of maturity.

The iceberg analogy of usability helps to examine the different interface aspects. The usability of an interface constitutes three sets of aspects: ‘look’, ‘feel’, and the back-end process (things you use). At Symphony, we consider that the ‘look’ and ‘feel’ aspects of an application represent the tip of the iceberg constituting 30% of a typical application while it is 100% client interfacing. Refer the figure below.

iceberg analogy of usability

Further, the figure also helps break down the iceberg into different aspects of ‘look and feel’ and its contribution to the overall usability of an application or web site.

Symphony’s Capabilities and Range of Services

Symphony helps ISVs realize their goals by leveraging its rich experience and deep expertise in all areas of Usability and UX analysis and design. Our expertise/experience spans across different applications and custom offerings.

Applications Custom Offerings
  • Web Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Rich Internet Applications – using MS Silverlight, Adobe Flex
  • Smart Client/Widget, Gadgets
  • Embedded Applications
  • Evaluation Services: We believe in proactively reaching out to customers. Hence our teams utilize usability test labs /mobile usability labs and use standard metrics to reach out to your users and track performance and progress
  • Usability Consulting: Work closely with our client’s solution teams to deliver documents, prototypes, simulations that build on the product vision and outline the user experience.
  • Design Consulting: We help clients by providing bundled tools, cross cultural design, and style guide definition.
  • UI Development: We help clients provide the highest levels of user experience, SEO, adherence to Section 508 compliance, and browser compatibility.

View the chart to check how Symphony Services delivers true value to its clients

Symphony UI Process

Symphony’s process and methodologies have evolved around client’s users, business and technology teams. View the chart comparison between the traditional way and ‘The Symphony way’ to UI process.

Business Benefits to Usability

Success Stories
  • Symphony helped a leading ISV specializing in Business Performance Management in the Financial and Business Intelligence space to build and implement UI and Interaction Design strategy for Calculation Manager Application.
    View the screenshots before’ and ‘after’.
  • Symphony Thought Leadership UI approach in concept definition for widget-based application for enhanced user experience and streamlined system workflow.
    View the screenshots of the Symphony's Thought Leadership UI Approach.
  • Symphony helped a leading end-to-end Interactive Relationship Marketing solution provider by UI re-engineering to enhance usability of their current web-based Marketing Management application with robust information architecture and streamlined the process workflow.
    View the screenshots ‘before’ and ‘after’.
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