Structural Analysis

We offer a range of structural analysis for the Aerospace domain

  • Design Solutions
    • Component/mechanical systems/Interior design expertise in aero applications
    • Designing and Development of SPM (Special Purpose Machines), jigs & fixtures
    • Designing the structure from dynamics perspective
  • Structural Analysis
    • Expertise in Linear Static, Non-Linear Static, and Dynamic analysis (Normal Modes, Frequency Response and Transient Response) using FEA tools/Closed form solutions for composite and metallic structure.
    • Develop Applications to enhance productivity like utilities in Patran and reading results from .xdb.
    • Modeling & Simulation (By using MSC.MARC) of Large Plastic Deformation components/systems.
    • Development of Analysis tools and integration of stress analysis methods.
  • Mechanism and Multi body Dynamics
    • Specialization in system level modeling using Adams range of modules
    • Expertise in interfacing between Nastran/Patran and Adams
  • Structural Integrity
    • The integration of various process steps and simulation tools eliminates the need to rework models, duplicate meshes, transfer files, translate data and visualize results in application-specific formats.
    • It reduces modeling time for aircraft derivatives, and analyzing the performance of more alternative designs.
    • It enables to improve the accuracy and reliability of simulation models.
  • Fatigue & Damage Tolerance
    • Metallic and Composite structure F&DT; analysis by using broad range of standard hand and computer methods.
    • Fatigue related repair validations.
    • Expertise in MSC Nastran, Patran, MSC Fatigue tools.
  • Thermal Analysis
    • Capability and proven expertise on a range of thermal structural analysis problems
    • Thermal mapping and heat transfer analysis for temperature distribution predictions
  • Mechanisms for Spacecraft Systems
    • Design and analysis of mechanical systems related to spacecraft
    • Simulation and analysis of mechanisms for communication and remote sensing satellites
Flight Physics & CFD

Flight physics encompasses non-specific design activities that deliver data used for the detailed aerodynamic design of aircraft components, systems, performance and loads analysis for civil and military aircraft. We rely on the most advanced Wind Tunnel testing techniques and the latest CFD analysis methods for the solutions.

The Flight Physics activities encompass:

  • Aerodynamics
    • Wind tunnel and Flight test data analysis
    • Generate aerodynamic data for use by other disciplines (Performance, Loads, Handling Quality)
    • Aero design and Air Systems design & analysis
    • Aircraft Design (Conceptual & Preliminary)
    • Drag, Performance and Stability & Control studies.
    • Implementation of new modelling capabilities and supporting ongoing aerodynamic research
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  • Loads and Aeroelastics
    • Implement, validate and apply mathematical models that represent the response of aircraft in flight and on the ground
    • Calculations for new aircraft design for free from oscillatory or divergent aeroelastic behavior
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  • Mass Properties
    • Implement, validate and deploy mass prediction tools to forecast component and overall aircraft weight
    • Ensure optimum mass is achieved for each component based on a balance between design limitations, manufacturing capabilities, cost and time
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  • Wind Tunnel Support
    • Design of Wind tunnel models
    • Conduct wind tunnel tests to meet the needs of aircraft development and research programs
    • Measurement of force, pressure and special studies like aeroelasticity and flow visualization
    • Wind tunnel Component Design.
    • Assists in the fabrication of wind tunnel model and develops instrumentation to capture aerodynamic data.
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  • Methods and Tools
    • Development of software tools to support flight physics viz., Aero data analysis, Flight testing evaluation, Wind tunnel testing analysis, Load calculation/Analysis & Rapid Decompression analysis.
    • Enhancement, restructuring and optimization of existing tools
    • Process assessment and documentation
    • CAD add-on package development
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  • CFD Analysis
    • Internal & External flows CFD
    • Reacting & Non reacting flows CFD
    • Aero Design & Air systems design analysis
    • Meshing Factory offering
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  • Rapid Decompression Analysis
    • Analysis of Rapid Decompression of standard aircraft for VIP modifications and certification requirements
    • Prediction of individual differential pressures on all aircraft’s walls (floors, panels, doors) for structural design
    • Estimation of time history of aircraft in the event of decompression
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