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The insight provided by the Symphony pricing scientists has earned our customers tens of millions of dollars. Over the course of many profitable projects, our pricing experts have expanded upon their deep knowledge of pricing strategy with hands-on expertise from the daily pricing processes and market and organizational challenges faced by our clients.

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Our Price Modeling and Optimization services have consistently empowered companies to simultaneously increase profits, revenues and win rates. Some of the most common sources of financial improvement result from:

  • Price Segmentation: Many companies segment their customers — usually based on demographics or company size. However, these basic groupings do not always accurately combine customers with similar price sensitivity. By identifying differences in purchase behavior, regional competition and other factors, and using actual data to drive segmentation, you can develop pricing practices that deliver different optimal prices for all of your customer types.
  • Price Optimization: The Symphony solution develops price guidelines that provide salespeople with accurate pricing parameters that can be used during the course of a live negotiation. These parameters reflect the business priorities of the company, and shape sales behavior to accomplish these goals. Our pricing experts have deep experience setting up price models for both distributors and manufacturers. Symphony has optimized price guidelines for tens of thousands of SKUs in a matter of days.
  • Impact Assessment: All recommended price points and guidelines generated by the price models go through an Impact Assessment analysis, where the projected impact of the recommended prices on key business metrics such as revenue, profitability, win rate, etc. are assessed. Our pricing experts review these results, and ensure the models produce the optimal output, given your company’s specific goals.
  • Price Waterfall Analysis: Our professional services team can help you to identify products that are consistently sold at a loss, often because of failure to recognize after-sales rebates or fulfillment costs. We can also help to identify products that are currently priced well below what most customers are willing to pay, as well as those that are not selling because they are priced uncompetitively.

The Symphony pricing science team can help you with answers to the above challenges, and assist you in designing a solution that will reinforce optimal pricing practices while sustaining continuous improvement.

Our value is not based on our knowledge of leading-edge pricing practices alone, but also on our specific experience with manufacturers and distributors attempting to manage real-world problems. Better than anyone else, we know how to keep vast numbers of SKUs optimally priced; how to assist and control daily negotiation without impeding sales effectiveness; and how pricing strategy can be quickly shifted to reflect changes in product availability. We understand the critical business challenges faced by manufacturers and distributors, and our flexible solution enables our experts to configure a solution optimally fit to your unique business challenges

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