Symphony’s Utility practice provides end-to-end product development services to Smart Grid ISVs along with off-the-shelf solutions to utilities of all sizes. Enabled by Smart Grid COE along with our technology COEs, we provide state-of-art services to the entire utility business value chain. Having worked with leaders in the Energy industry, including leading smart grid companies in the world, Symphony Services has acquired a solid understanding of the nature and pain-points across the whole value chains of these industries. We provide strategic expertise in various smart grid trades such as meter data management, system integration, intelligent devices, enhanced M2M communication, grid analytics, automation and control, demand side management, home networks and micro-grids, PEVs and more.

Symphony Utility Solutions

Energy Audit: Symphony’s SymEnergy solution is a cloud based platform to perform energy audits by collaborating auditors and audited sites online. This approach encourages significant reduction in time, effort and expenses in terms of site visits for audits. SymEnergy platform can be tailored per the audit needs and also enables easy management and accessibility of audit data for auditors and audited businesses.

Success Stories
  • Increased reliability of electrical installations at critical power establishments like high-rise buildings and hospitals for a $15.8 billion energy management specialist through Electrical Crisis Prevention and Recovery system. This solution features an analytics function to diagnose data acquired from numerous devices installed at the premise. Analyzed data results into action items for automation system to correct faults along with user reporting for manual intervention for preventive maintenance.
  • 97% improvement in early defect detection through our specialized QA engagement for the flagship product offering from an established smart meter vendor. Our robust quality assurance processes helped keep track of test items while our domain expertise proved vital in seeing beyond the obvious scenarios that needs more stringent focus.
  • Provided better usability and acceptability with cross-device capabilities for home network integrated electric car charging and energy management solution for an American Hybrid car maker. This solution was built to integrate the electric vehicle charging system to the electricity grid though a home micro-grid.
  • Seamless integration capabilities achieved for the legacy flagship product from a leading AMI technology vendor by technology migration from legacy platform to cutting edge Microsoft technologies. This solution will help our client in integrating their product with disparate end user portals to provide a one stop shop of energy efficiency data.
  • Delivered significant reduction in software QA cycle times for one of the larger end-to-end smart metering OEM though our product quality management expertise.
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