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The Symphony implementation team has unmatched expertise delivering world-class pricing and performance management solutions to large global organizations. Following a structured methodology, our consultants will plan, define, model, validate and deploy a complete solution that meets your unique business needs and technical requirements. As such, we are uniquely qualified to design and implement systems to address your specific business need, leveraging our hands-on industry experience and best practices at every step in a successful rollout.

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Implementation & Training Support
Solution Tracks™ and Implementation

Symphony has innovated to accelerate and enhance the value of our implementations through Symphony Solution Tracks™. This set of focused solutions provides a framework for capturing and reusing best practices that are specific to targeted projects in price optimization, execution or analysis. Accordingly, Symphony has developed unique deployment templates for each Solution Track™, so that relevant best practices are captured and then inherited by each successive project.

Each Solution Track™ deployment framework codifies specific tasks and deliverables for each phase of a project, along with a tested methodology to be followed. The focused nature of Solution Tracks™ enables Symphony to leverage tested project plans with great success – minimizing risk, costs and implementation time. In addition, because these projects follow tested plans, our clients can more accurately project their own project timelines, data and resource requirements and expected benefits.

Getting the project up and running quickly and well means that clients can start to accrue the benefits faster and use those returns to uncover even more areas of improvement.

Training Services

Symphony will provide training materials and trainers to ensure that each type of user—from the power-user to occasional user—is fully versed with the Symphony solution and is totally comfortable with using it to achieve the desired results.


Our Implementation Services Team is composed of seasoned experts – with an average of over 10 years practical experience with enterprise software and in working specifically with large organizations. We have helped companies of various sizes deploy new pricing systems and deployed successful solutions for the largest of the Fortune 500. Our team brings proven business acumen to bear in every engagement, while keeping a clear focus on deploying the most effective solution possible with the least amount of disruption.


Symphony Implementation Services employs a thorough and tested five-phase deployment methodology. Our methodology emphasizes retaining and leveraging best practices and remaining nimble and flexible during the course of a project. Symphony’s Implementation methodology is comprised of the following phases:

Project Planning: The Symphony implementation services team leverages project structure, plans and resource requirements from similar deployments—saving planning time and improving accuracy in timeline estimates.

  • We have worked within many types of cultures and company structures, including several Six Sigma black belts
  • RMultiple deployments of price analytics, price setting, pricing execution across varied industries give us insight into how these practices leverage one another along the complete pricing process continuum – allowing us to retain the “big picture” when creating plans for each stage.

Solution Design: Our deep experience and tight focus on pricing and performance management gives us unmatched expertise to draw upon for practical solution design. We understand our customers’ businesses and strive to design solutions that leverage the best of their existing processes and systems.

  • We take time to interview managers and users of the system to deeply understand the reason for existing practices – we don’t force change where it is not needed.
  • We design flexibility into the software: as shifts occur in the market and as your business evolves, the system must be able to adapt to new priorities and processes.

Configuration & Installation: The configuration team ensures that the customer gets the most out of the Symphony solution while fitting it tightly to existing processes and infrastructure. Consistent methods and extensive experience from all team members means a fast process and a stable system.

  • We have multiple industry-standard batch and real-time connectors – allowing easy connection to Siebel / SAP / Oracle
  • SAP R3, NetWeaver, BW certified integrations
  • For every solution track, we have extensive configuration plan templates and workbooks to ensure consistency and completeness.

Testing: The Symphony testing team runs your uniquely configured solution under multiple demanding usage scenarios. We methodically test our new features against test scripts from real-world implementations so that they are rock-solid before they are ever brought into a new customer’s solution.

  • Complete testing methodology: checking compatibility, scaling, and fail over throughout the newly-designed pricing process

Rollout: We have directed successful rollouts at any scale: big-bang implementations and stepwise rollouts of single solution tracks. In either case, we ensure that the process proceeds with a minimum of complication and under a strict adherence to plan.

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