Generating more value from innovation is top-of-mind again. Innovation, how it's inspired, managed and measured, is the new frontier in global R&D.; And as R&D; goes global, innovation results become paramount. At Symphony Services, we are focused on creating value through innovation.

Creating Value through Innovation

At Symphony, we understand true innovation. It is not about inventing a clear product or just 'creativity'. It’s about successfully creating and delivering value to customers - in the form of a new or improved product or service that earns sustained profits for them (and us). We also understand that companies are not just globalizing their R&D; now. They expect to get innovation along with increased productivity and speed to market. Proactively fulfilling that need, Symphony has built a culture of innovation that includes an ongoing process of investigation, revelation and execution in the way we work.

Managed Innovation at Symphony

To build and sustain a culture of innovation, Symphony has employed a comprehensive discipline of innovation management and metrics. The overarching approach is to encourage new ideas from every part of the organization by creating a continuous cycle of innovation education, engagement, and rewards. Processes are instilled to separate the wheat from the chaff and resources are focused on the best ideas that have a supporting business case; that can move the idea from innovation to ROI, either in terms of revenue and/or market share. Already organized into Global Operating Centers (GOC) dedicated to one client each, the company has trained and continues to manage its GOC and supporting Business Unit (BU) leaders, clustered by domain, in the art of building and sustaining an “Innovation Circle of Excellence”.

The Symphony Innovation Program

The Symphony Innovation Program is a formally instituted, organization-wide program focused on leveraging innovation to create value – for clients and other stakeholders. The Program is designed to encourage innovation at all stages of the product development life cycle.

Innovation PDLC

Benefits to Clients

In line with the Symphony Innovation Program’s prime motive of ‘value creation through implementation’, more than 800 ideas (from the 7000+ submitted so far) have been implemented generating substantial benefits for clients. Symphony’s innovations have resulted in lowered TCO, better product quality, faster time-to-market and revenue recovery for our clients and our clients recognize us as their “Innovation Partners”.

Patents – A total of 33 patents have been filed on behalf of Symphony’s clients. With Symphony’s working model, the ownership of the patent resides with the client and the Symphony Innovator is named as the creator.

Managed Innovation

Innovation is rarely a eureka moment. And while it's not entirely predictable, it should not be left to chance.
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How to get more

Complex business models, new technology and globalization are changing how products are built and managed. But innovation in its many forms still determines the winners.
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Success Stories

The power of the Symphony Innovation Program is amply manifested in several success stories. Learn more about Symphony’s innovations that have yielded significant revenue and cost benefits for our clients.
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To remain competitive, companies are putting a sharp focus on innovation that goes way beyond lip-service. The Inside Innovation podcast series examines the inner workings of global innovation ecosystems. Explore global innovation processes, profile new technologies and emerging best practices, and hear how industry innovators are pioneering successful ecosystems to create real value.

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