The power of the Symphony Innovation Program is amply manifested in several success stories. Following are case studies on Symphony’s innovations that have yielded significant revenue and cost benefits for our clients.

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Case Study - NetIQ

Symphony’s client, NetIQ, specializes in host connectivity, systems and security management, and PC lifecycle management products. Now part of Attachmate (a merger of Attachmate WRQ and NetIQ), it serves more than 40,000 customers, including many of the Fortune 500 and Global 2000. Symphony Services Global Operating Center dedicated to NetIQ, had approximately 158 employees.

In the first full year of Symphony’s Innovation Program, these 158 engineers and software specialists generated 114 ideas and inventions, of which 55 were eventually accepted by Symphony’s Innovation Council. Of these 55, a little over a quarter of them, or 28 percent, were accepted by Attachment (NetIQ at the time).

The innovations included new products, new designs, and new processes.

  • A New SharePoint Application Product developed by the Symphony GOC had an immediate and significant top line business impact for Attachmate. A version 2.0 released in March of 2007 helped the company win a major license bid with a large customer.
  • A Re-Designed Application Management Architecture for resolving Query Data Base deadlocks and server crashes resulted in an immediate multi million dollar return in the form of renewed licenses.
  • An Accelerated and Improved Process for updating client applications helped Attachment prevent a potential loss of license renewals, and has since generated new customer opportunities generating material value so far.

Case Study – Mimosa

Symphony Services’ GOC for Mimosa was a product development partner for Mimosa NearPoint - a comprehensive information management solution for MS Exchange, unifying archiving, recovery and storage management. The product size amounted to 4.5 mill LOC and the client was looking for product development partner.

Amongst a comprehensive solution to Mimosa, Symphony’s team also undertook complete QA responsibility of the product and was involved in future product roadmap.

Driving innovation for Mimosa, the Symphony GOC generated 28 product ideas and two high impact product ideas. These led to Mimosa being named “Visionary” by Gartner (Email Archiving Magic Quadrant 2007) and Network World Top 10 Product for 2007.

Case Study – EMC

Symphony’s client, EMC, is a global leader in information management and networked storage and needed a product development partner.

Symphony’s GOC took over complete ownership of 4 important product features. In 2007, the team fixed about 1600 bugs and developed 200 enhancements. After 2 major & 24 minor releases and 90%+ on-time delivery, the Symphony team filed 7 patents in File System area on behalf of the client of which 1 patent was granted. The client also appointed 5 Symphony employees as Area Architects and gave 21 awards to Symphony engineers for significant contributions since 2006.

Case Study – NetApps

Symphony’s client, NetApps, is a leading provider of NAS solutions.

In a collaborative model with existing captive operations and onsite engineering teams working across multiple delivery locations, Symphony’s GOC executed 67000 test cases, verified 1600 defects, added 300 new test cases to test suite and logged 202 new defects. Three patents were filed for the customer, co-authored by GOC members. NetApps was voted Best Storage System in 2008 by ServerWatch Product Excellence Awards and the Editor’s Choice Awards 2008 by PC News Weekly.

Case Study – Concur

Symphony’s client, Concur, is a SaaS-based Travel & Expense Management player. Its product built on J2EE was more than 3 yrs old. Concur wanted to reduce production release timeline from quarterly to monthly and also reduce integration testing phase cycle.

The Symphony GOC reduced cycle time (without increasing costs and risks) through automation using tools like QTP and Selenium Core Framework. Automation of >8000 TC resulted in savings of $675,000 per release or 3108 person days per release. The overall savings amounted to $3,150,000. More than 100 reusable functions and actions were developed.

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