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Enterprise Systems Podcast: SOA Development Challenges

Dr. Jerry Smith talks about what's driving SOA's adoption and how is developing for the technology different from traditional development? SOA is one of the most popular technologies we've seen come along in a while, but it comes with several challenges for developers. We discuss SOA's drivers, explore how developing for the SOA is different from traditional development, and offer best practices to employ when you build SOA applications.

Innovation and Product Engineering

Innovation is the fundamental source of sustainable value made manifest as new revenue streams and higher profits. Dr. Jerry Smith talks about innovation, R&D; performance and the role of global product development and engineering.

The Vitality Index (VI)

Measuring the impact that innovation programs have on organizational value is extremely important. Traditional measures are ineffective and a new measurement approach is needed, one that correlates activity to value.

Managed Innovation

Innovation just doesn't happen, it is a managed process. We are going to take a look at the process of innovation, from critical characteristics to toolboxes.

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