Three I’s Model

To achieve outcome certainty Symphony Services leverages the Three I’s model, an unrivaled approach to product engineering process Industrialization that drives repeatability and productivity across all our client engagements; leadership in infusing Innovation into all phases of the product engineering cycle; and employing the product engineering DNA and collective Intellect of our people.


The foundation of our ability to deliver world-class solutions to our clients is excellence in product engineering processes driven by our Service Lines and Centers of Excellence. With development centers across the U.S., India and China, a talent pool of 3,000+ expert engineers, and a framework of proven, repeatable processes and best practices – Symphony is a leader in software engineering Industrialization.

Our ability to develop and hone best practices and the creation of Symphony IP in the form of tools, methodologies and frameworks, results in industrial strength engineering processes that drive repeatability and productivity across all our client engagements resulting in outcomes delivered faster and with the highest quality.

Symphony’s established industrialization leadership has resulted in:

  • 1:1 or better productivity parity with customers’ R&D; labs
  • 300 products currently under management, and over 1,200 products released every year
  • Symphony ranked the Number One in Offshore Product Development by Global Services
  • Ranked as the #1 Offshore Product Development company by Global Services magazine and NeoIT and one of the 50 Best Managed Services firms by the Black Book of Outsourcing
  • Symphony is recognized as a top provider across leading technology functions and markets including:
    • Storage –~20 current clients including 4 of the top 6 vendors
    • ERP –3 of the top 5 vendors in the space as current clients
    • Embedded software
    • Telecom, retail, financial services

Symphony is also a recognized leader in engineering Innovation. Symphony has recognized that innovation doesn’t simply happen; it is a process that can and must be managed. Symphony has adopted open innovation principles into all aspects of our global engineering activities resulting in new products and features which impact the top line for our clients.

Symphony boasts over 5,000 innovative ideas developed for clients over the last two years. Of these, over 2,000 ideas have been accepted by clients and translated into product strategies, with many hundreds currently in development. Symphony’s innovation leadership is also validated by:

  • Over 30 patents currently filed for the custom development tools and technologies that Symphony has created to optimize product engineering, project monitoring and client collaboration
  • A custom approach for analyzing and prioritizing new innovations and product recommendations that are now submitted by over 70 percent of Symphony’s engineers

Innovation can also take the form of process improvement. Symphony’s integration of innovation principles at each stage of the product development lifecycle enables improvement of development and testing techniques which can be leveraged not just by our teams, but often by the rest of our clients’ R&D; organizations. Symphony also develops innovative tools and methodologies that allow us to significantly speed delivery and improve product quality for our clients.


Our Intellect goes well beyond the traditional definition of the word. Our teams bring a blend of academic, experiential, managerial and cultural intellect to client programs. This allows us to implement innovative, results-driven processes to solve client engineering challenges.

  • Our engineers bring experience to client programs
    • Our team is comprised of professionals who understand the environment and combine engineering and business acumen to create the solutions clients need
    • Symphony effectively manages clients across many disparate cultures and routinely rotates senior managers back to India and China to inculcate a Western perspective into teams based there
    • Symphony has a seasoned management team with an average of 20 years of experience in outsourcing and product development; team that has been involved in building products in other industries
  • Unparalleled domain expertise and product knowledge in various areas including telecom, storage and mechanical design amassed through real world experience designing products and working with a wide-range of innovative technology companies
  • Symphony engineers understand our clients and their businesses
    • With experience working on the product side before joining Symphony, our engineers bring a context and “product DNA mindset” to their approach and work with clients
  • Engineers are supported by robust training of engineering staff to provide the professional nurturing necessary to retain top talent

Taken together, Symphony’s approach leads to the completion of the highest quality engineering work, on time and on budget. Symphony Services provides outcome certainty – guaranteed.

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