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At the Symphony Services User Interaction Design Lab, creativity and technical skill integrate to deliver good ideas effectively, present information with clarity and precision, achieve synergy in terms of branding, and ensure that the end product translates the requirement brief in a superlative manner.


  • User Interface Engineering
    • Information architecture
    • Task analysis
    • Paper prototyping
    • UI design/development
    • UI design/development
    • Design style guides
    • Internet/intranet solutions

  • Usability Engineering
    • Personal development
    • Heuristic evaluation
    • Competitive analysis
    • Findings and recommendations

Each design project starts with extensive groundwork - understanding the objectives of the communication, understanding the product or service, analyzing current audience perceptions and behavior, researching new trends, and discovering how best to maximize product potential and impact.

We focus on creating contemporary design that is simple, flexible, and usable. Our design solutions cater to different media, different audiences, and varying skill or comfort levels. We ensure that each design has the required scalability, and that provision is made for anticipated technological issues and variances.

The Symphony Design Lab also offers clients usability expertise to help them develop designs that map to rapidly evolving user needs.

Our Interaction Design process focuses on increasing the users' comfort level as they navigate through an application. Intuitive organization and navigation techniques integrate business strategies with user requirements. These fundamentals help us to generate solutions that enable users to accomplish their tasks and goals successfully, and with minimum effort, encouraging repeat visits and brand loyalty.

The end result is a totally transparent system that immerses the user in the process and renders the background technology invisible



Robert Gersten Chief Development Officer, Hyperion

“Symphony’s purpose built team works seamlessly with ours—from collaborative tools to a pay for performance model and mindset—and together we continue to achieve the productivity, quality, and innovation that meets our business objectives.”