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The consumer electronics industry has witnessed phenomenal growth globally over the past few years. The global consumer electronics market was worth US$ 350 Bn in 20091 & is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of around 5% during 2009-2012. In addition to the scale, the scope has also changed to include the third generation of convergence in user experience & entertainment. This move will demand interoperable, collaborative and feature-rich development of embedded systems.


Symphony delivers an array of solutions across the PDLC & enables you to drive better customer experience at lower costs. We leverage our strong domain knowledge, technological capabilities & proven processes to help you lower costs & achieve higher revenues while ensuring regulatory compliance. Our comprehensive list of offerings includes:

How Symphony has helped its clients

Our technological capabilities span the application, middleware, platform and hardware layers of an Embedded System. We have more than 1500 person years of experience, in the following areas

  • Development of applications for Multimedia, Mobile, NFC, healthcare and Energy management solutions
  • Development of frameworks to enable application portability across multiple OS platforms
  • UI development for rich User experience
  • Porting and Optimization of 3rd party codecs on specific target processors
  • Integration of codecs for specific applications
  • Integration of stacks
  • Bootloader porting and adaptation to target platform
  • Development of Device drivers for peripherals
  • Complete board or platform bring up
  • Firmware Design and Architecture on OS-less systems
  • Encryption
  • Assembly Language programming
  • Device driver development

1According to Consumer Electronics Association