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Client Testimonials

Dayon Kane
Senior Director, R&D;, BMC Software

"From the very beginning of our relationship, Symphony Services has contributed to our success by strategically linking our R&D; roadmap to our business goals. The Symphony Services team has expertly managed our legacy product lines, resulting in increased customer satisfaction levels and higher revenue from these core products. Moreover, our relationship with Symphony Services has freed in-house R&D; resources to execute against our future plans, ensuring BMC continues to be a leading innovator in our market."

Rob Heyvaert
CEO, Capco

"Symphony Services has demonstrated a strong commitment to understanding my business needs and providing the talent and domain expertise that is critical to our success as a global financial services consulting, solutions and software provider. As a specialized provider, Symphony can offer clients mature global software product engineering services built upon years of client success."

Soichi Oyama
Senior General Manager, Software Division, Hitachi, Ltd.

"Symphony Services has been a very reliable product development partner for Hitachi, helping us accelerate new products to market that will provide Hitachi greater success in the market. As our clients expect of us, we have high expectations on the quality of work that we get from Symphony. Their performance is quite remarkable considering the high level quality and reliability that Hitachi software products require. We selected Symphony based on their expertise in the development of commercial software products and have not been disappointed. Hitachi values this relationship and looks forward to strengthening it much further."

Guenther Tolkmit
Seniore Vice President Product Development, Lawson

"We received proactive guidance from an organization which has one of the best software quality assurance practices. Symphony has been more than instrumental in assuring the product quality of Lawson applications. We were also amazed by Symphony's capabilities to execute. Symphony was able to hire the right kind of talent in a short period of time"

T.M. Ravi
Founder and CEO, Mimosa Systems
excerpt from "Close Collaboration," CIO Decisions, July 2005

"We expected that the efficiencies would be different between one person here and one in India. We expected maybe 75% efficiency, but [with Symphony Services] we find it 100% or better. With the right planning, the offshore-onshore hybrid is very scalable, cost effective and robust for companies of any size."

Ed Spire
Senior Director, Technology and Architecture, Attachmate / NetIQ
excerpt from session on R&D Globalization and Innovation at Software 2007

"To us, innovation is the result of recognizing opportunity and bringing together the right people-wherever they are-to get it done. But you have to approach global R&D; right. There are no second class citizens."

"Our multi-national architectural group meets weekly and is focused on making a better product. The team we have in Bangalore with Symphony is not extra help. They are a vital part of our overall team. We've turned over almost everything about our most important products. We are leveraging engineering talent and treating them as equals in full cooperation and collaboration. We have been very pleased."

Robert Gersten
Chief Development Officer, Oracle | Hyperion

"We needed to increase our R&D capacity, tap into global talent pools, and realign our existing development skills, faster and more cost-effectively than the competition. Our collaborative multi-shoring approach with Symphony Services has enabled us to accomplish all this, and dramatically speed the time-to-market of our products."

Nathanael Lentz
President and CEO, Verticalnet, Inc.

"As a direct result of our partnership with Symphony we have increased development headcount, improved overall quality metrics, and reduced development costs. Their expertise-from analytics to user experience-provides us with access to a range of skills and capabilities a company our size could not afford to have in-house."

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