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Root Cause Analysis for Bottlenecks in Web Applications

As we enter the age of Cloud Computing, where more and more software is delivered as a Web-based service, user response time becomes the most common bellwether for software quality. If a userís wait time stretches beyond a typical three-second comfort zone, we all know that somethingís wrong.


Function Point Analysis-Best Practices

Software estimates lie at the heart of the business of software development. These estimates help determine three critical things:costs, resources, and schedules. And yet with so many critical business decisions made from these estimates, the science of estimation remains a combination of art and mathematics.


An Innovation Checklist
As R&D; goes Global, Innovation Results Become Paramount

Innovation and how itís inspired, managed and evaluated is the new frontier in global R&D.; To build and sustain a culture of innovation, companies need a comprehensive discipline of innovation management and metrics. These metrics can show the impact of innovation on the balance sheet and indicate how to improve the ROI from innovation and strengthen a company's core competencies. Enterprises must also realize that R&D; globalization helps bring cutting-edge innovations to market faster. Less globally-minded companies will only lose out on market share. A successful collaborative culture of innovation with the right outsourcing partner can help companies stay at the forefront of their industries and get the most out of their R&D; investment.


SIIA Global Software Development Survey Report

Global software development, along with technology and new business models, is a prime enabler of globalization. It is also in the process of transforming the nature of the U.S. software industry. This phenomenon is having one of its most significant impacts on the development and servicing of software. Not only customer service and technical support, but core product development is now routinely conducted thousands of miles away from the "home" firm.


Partner or Go It Alone?
The Evolution of Global Distributed Commercial Software Development: The New Conventional Wisdom

Should software companies going offshore establish their own Captive center (a subsidiary company) or partner with a leading Provider (an established software product development and services company)? A new survey of Captive and Provider centers in India shows overwhelming short-term and long-term advantages of partnering with an established Provider.