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Managed Innovation?

Generating more value from innovation is top-of-mind again. A recent Boston Consulting Group report shows that for three-quarters of executives in 63 countries, innovation is a top three priority. Innovation, how it's inspired, managed and measured, is the new frontier in global R&D. And as R&D goes global, innovation results become paramount. What can you do to unlock the value of innovation?


How to get more

Complex business models, new technology and globalization are changing how products are built and managed. But innovation in its many forms - usability, better integration, SaaS, SOA, Open Source along with the next blockbuster product - still determines the winners. With innovation, more is better. And collaboration beyond borders and organizational walls can get you more of it - if you do it right.



To remain competitive, companies are putting a sharp focus on innovation that goes way beyond lip-service. The Inside Innovation podcast series examines the inner workings of global innovation ecosystems. Explore global innovation processes, profile new technologies and emerging best
practices, and hear how industry innovators are pioneering successful ecosystems to create real value.