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The Advanced Technology Group is a team of highly experienced technical architects and domain experts. ATG's mission is to demonstrate Symphony's technology leadership in various areas. The ATG team has deep knowledge of architectures and delivery models for enterprise software development, performance scalability and reliability, enterprise integration, and QA automation. One of the charters of ATG is to identify and develop Symphony-owned or shared intellectual property, in the area of software development.

The ATG Group’s responsibilities include conceiving and developing re-usable software components which require specialized know-how, producing in-depth technical articles and arranging tutorials / seminars, working actively with Symphony’s Global Development Centers (GOCs) to identify and solve challenging technical problems, and running an architects’ forum which comprises a group of architects and technical leads drawn from various GOCs.

Current ATG projects include:

  • Symphony Knowledge Works - A company-wide portal hosting a technical knowledge base with advanced searching capabilities, an experts database, and effective collaboration services for discussions, announcements, and events.
  • Porting enterprise systems to various hardware architectures, operating systems, application servers, and databases.
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) technologies, Real Time Enterprise Integration, using Model Driven Architectures.
  • Studies in Performance Reliability and Scalability.
  • Advances in J2EE and .NET architectures.
  • Service Oriented Architectures and Web Services.
  • Advanced Design methodologies - Message Driven architectures, Aspect Oriented Programming and Plug-in based loosely coupled systems.
  • Best practices and methodologies in Quality Assurance.
ATG respects the confidentiality norms of individual GOCs in all its activities and engagements. The Group showcases Symphony's commitment to, and strength in, product development, best practices, and methodologies.