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Symphony provides several advantages to software development organizations, such as cost-effective QA teams with specific domain expertise, an efficient development environment with best-in-class processes and a follow-the-Sun methodology.
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QA Process Knowledge
Our Engineering Process Group (EPG) is dedicated to establishing CMM certification and best-in-class QA processes across the organization. Our customers benefit from the process knowledge and maturity we have established within our company. The internal QA process focus also ensures efficiency and success in the efforts of our partners.

QA Experts
Symphony has assembled best-in-class QA talent with a wide range of expertise in tools and technology. Over 40% of our current manpower is dedicated to QA, in order to address the diverse needs of our global customers. Symphony maintains the quality of the team though internal training programs and QA workshops.

Product Focus
Symphony realizes the unique challenges of QA in a product development environment, as opposed to one-off project-based QA. In order to address the iterative nature of QA activities in a product development environment, our practices are fine-tuned to ensure the repeatability and traceability of our activities. We pursue automation to guarantee maximum efficiency, and focus on the reusability and maintainability of our QA artifacts and resources.

Domain Expertise
Underlying domain knowledge is the most important factor in ensuring quality enterprise software products. Symphony ensures maximum quality by establishing the right level of domain expertise within the QA teams, and through providing proven knowledge transfer programs to employees that need additional education.

Integrated Management
Symphony services is capable of providing integrated testing management. We will help you manage all of your unit, integration, system and performance tests, as well as integrate various tools to leverage their individual capabilities.

Follow-the-Sun Methodology
With development centers in Bangalore and across the globe, Symphony can help its customers realize 24-hour QA support, reducing release cycle times.

Software organizations can significantly reduce their QA costs by taking advantage of the benefits that offshore centers offer.