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Fostering and rewarding innovation is a fundamental part of our culture at Symphony Services.
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At Symphony, we believe that innovation is the process by which businesses improve their competitiveness and productivity through the continual adoption of relevant new processes and ideas. We have built in an ideology of changing and improving existing processes through innovative ideas within our process framework. These ideas are driven by inputs from customers and internal practitioner communities, and by analysis of quantified process performance results.

Process Model
Symphony has a unique process model that inspires engineers to improve the way they conduct their daily professional lives. The key differentiator of our process framework is that it caters to the product development outsourcing scenario and not just IT project development. It also integrates seamlessly with customer-centric processes. Symphony Services has been assessed at Maturity Level 4 of the SEI-CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration, Version 1.1) for Software, by QAI, India.

Engineering Process Group (EPG)
EPG is an innovative group of specialists, who facilitate the definition, implementation, maintenance, and improvement of software processes that are used to deliver technology solutions. The process group is not part of product development but comprises a team of experienced software engineering practitioners. EPG works with groups and individuals of the practitioner community of our organization, to look at the specific contributors to process improvement efforts.

The Engineering Process Group:

  • Obtains and maintains the support of all levels of management.
  • Facilitates software process assessments.
  • Works with project managers whose product releases are affected by changes in software engineering practice, provides a broad perspective of the improvement effort and helps them set expectations.
  • Maintains collaborative working relationships with software engineers, especially to obtain, plan for, and install new practices and technologies.
  • Arranges for any training or continuing education related to process improvements.
  • Tracks, monitors, and reports the status of particular improvement efforts.
  • Facilitates the creation and maintenance of process definitions, in collaboration with managers and engineering staff.
  • Maintains a process database.
  • Provides process consultation to product teams and management.