Success Stories 3

Symphony helped a leading end-to-end Interactive Relationship Marketing solution provider by UI re-engineering to enhance usability of their current web-based Marketing Management application with robust information architecture and streamlined the process workflow. Below are the screenshots- ‘before’ and ‘after’.

“Before” Screenshot “After” Screenshot

Weak information architecture

  • Lack of a single flow that could guide users through their tasks
  • Each task performed as an independent operation
  • Unable to group multiple events into a single entity

Robust information architecture

  • Experienced users can create their tasks independently. Or novice users can use the a single screen that guides them through the process
  • Addition of “campaign management” as a module to group and manage multiple events in a single location
  • Ability to access critical functionality from any step in the process

Area of concern

  • Unbalanced user demographics
  • Lack of a clear defined process

Issues resolved

  • A structured information architecture
  • Defined process flow and screen based solutions