Success Stories 2

Symphony Thought Leadership UI approach in concept definition for widget-based application for enhanced user experience and streamlined system workflow. Below are the Symphony Though Leadership UI Approach.

Existing UI Approach Symphony Thought Leadership UI Approach

Business Situation

The product suite contains multiple applications and has a rigid system workflow which makes it difficult for the users to get a specific tasks within an organization

Business Situation

Users can access all tasks assigned to them in a desktop widget and directly get to a specific step in the workflow/task without having to follow a preset system workflow

Area of Concern

  • No task based UI that integrates all applications – BI and Financial - and accessible from a common UI
  • Role based interface to access specific user’s applications viz user’s to-do's, alerts, applications, calendar / timelines etc
  • To move away from a typical system driven workflow UI to a user driven task based UI

Issues resolved

  • A well integrated task based UI that help users to track their applications - viz., to-do's, alerts on desktop/mobiles - without having to launch any web application
  • Seamless integration between the widgets, gadgets and the browser, to help guide users to tasks , workflows within a specific application
  • Information/ tasks accessible real-time over a desktop