Success Stories 1

Symphony helped a leading ISV specializing in Business Performance Management in the Financial and Business Intelligence space to build and implement UI and Interaction Design strategy for Calculation Manager Application. Below are the screenshots - ‘before’ and ‘after’.

Product Description

Calculation Manager for a financial application is a graphical rule builder that allows users to ‘drag and drop’ components and formulas and builds complex rules to automate common processes/ workflows within any organization.

“Before” Screenshot “After” Screenshot

Current UI Approach

Syntax-based approach with multiple dialogs that take the user away from the context of the task

Symphony UI Approach

A graphical approach allows business users to build complex rules and customize them with ease.

Area of Concern

  • Migration from desktop application clients to browser based smart client
  • Syntax based approach supporting power users from excel background
  • The mental model aligned with technically sound engineers to create rules and not business users
  • No consistent interaction patterns across the product suite

Issues resolved

  • A WYSIWYG UML diagram approach to build complex rules with conditions and loops
  • Simplified task flow that allowed business user to drag and drop functions and design a rule
  • Supports advance users (excel, syntax background) and newbie users task flow