Japan Engine - Senior Software Engineer
Bangalore, India

(Ref Code:JE-SrSE )

Job Description A Senior Software Engineer to drive and support the Japan Engine Development effort. This person will have primary development responsibility for multiple phases of the Japan Engine projects. This person will work closely with Firstlogic IACE development and management staff.

Role / Responsibilities

  • Analyze marketing requirements; write software functional requirements specifications and design, document, implement, and unit test.
  • Research, formulate, and define software development strategy, methodologies, and approach for the Japan project.
  • Deliver products according to the release process standards.
  • Maintain source code using source code control system.
  • Prepare task and time estimates.
  • Participate actively in requirements, design, and code reviews.
  • Document and communicate all issues and concerns in a timely manner.
  • Mentoring within their core area.
  • Collect predefined metrics to support decision-making.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering or related discipline is required.
  • Minimum 3 years of software development experience required.

Specialized Knowledge & Skills

  • Proficient in C/C++.
  • Proficient in Japanese language (conversational level). Must be able to speak and read Japanese language.
  • Knowledgeable in Japanese Address formats.
  • Understanding of address parsing and assignment rules.
  • Understanding of address standardization rules (Understand markers, etc)
  • Ability to create Japanese data files and manipulate them for unit testing.
  • Working knowledge in Unicode technology.
  • Working knowledge in Unicode encoding and different Japanese code pages.
  • Understand machine dependent encoding systems (Big Endian, Little Endian).
  • Experience in data handling and data retrieval system with Unicode.
  • Ability to write clear design specification and correctly translate Japanese address terminology to English.
  • Ability to communicate with Product Test, Technical Publications, and Support teams to provide technical .information on Japanese address assignment technology.
  • Ability to perform research and conduct analysis on any existing and new Japanese address system.

Desired but not required

  • Extensive knowledge in Japanese address components..
  • Proficiency in Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, and/or Mandarin.
  • Knowledge in Korean, Chinese, and or Taiwanese Address formats.
  • Quality coding skills including unit testing and regression testing. Positive attitude and hard worker.

Equipment & Applications

  • Expert working knowledge of Windows operating systems and Unix operating systems experience is required.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005